Web design is changing …

New tools in web design changing the traditional development process. The visual design and responsiveness of a web site is more important than ever and modern design is leaving the classical structure increasingly.

HTML , CSS and JavaScript is automatically generated and must be adjusted manually only in exceptional cases . What remains is the desire for dynamic ...

The problem …

In everyday life, sites are operated by content management systems that generate your sites from templates dynamically . The maintanance of a site becomes easier and can also be carried out by editors . Knowledge of Web technologies are not absolutely necessary.

Problematic and time-consuming is solely the process of transferring the design to corresponding templates of the content management system.

The solution …

Conmunicator is a bridge between Adobe Muse CC , and a content management system. The design is done in Adobe Muse CC and can be exported to the desired CMS. Thus, the design project remains an integral part of the workflow and visual changes can be performed in Adobe Muse CC. The dynamic content is made available via the CMS. No individual creating of templates for the desired CMS is neccessary.

Adobe Muse CC

With this product, Adobe has set the bar of Visual Builders for websites on a new level. Below you will find links to find information about this product:

Supported content management systems

The Conmunicator is an independent fee-based solution and can be used for different content management systems. Due to the different approaches of individual CMSs there are also differences in the functionality of the Conmunicator.
The links below lead to the individual usage information of supported content management systems.

WordPress ( comming soon )


GRAV ( comming soon )



For local use (localhost) of Conmunicator is free of charge. Would you like to use it in an Conmunicator own domain, so a license for each domain is used to acquire. By acquiring a license, the license terms are accepted.

Get a license …

With this form, you can obtain a Conmunicator license. Enter below your domain for which the license is purchased. The dispatch of the license key after payment follows in a separate email.

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Nachstehend finden Sie einige ausewählte Projekte, die mit dem Conmunicator realisiert wurden.



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